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Praise for DEATH WHISPERS....

“ … This was a great teen read, but mostly I liked it because the idea behind it was awesome! It sort of reminds me of a mash-up between X-Men and DARK VISIONS by L.J. Smith. AFTD (Affinity For The Dead)- not my choice of 'special ability', but then if Caleb Hart could've chosen his ability, it probably wouldn't be among the first on his list, either. The characters are distinct with well-written personalities and I love diversity in my characters, otherwise I get bored easily. In all, DEATH WHISPERS is a neat idea and a fresh take on teenagers mixed with paranormal abilities...” JA Redmerski, New York Times bestselling author.

“ … EXCELLENT!!! What an incredible book. Tamara Rose Blodgett captures the essence of teen boy relationships and combines it perfectly with a fantastical paranormal tale. LOL Funny with a storyline that packs a punch...” Beth, Tome Tender

“ … Catch a glimpse into the future where genetic manipulation is common. Sit like a fly on the wall listening to real teens as they talk uncensored, and realize that no matter what, the rite of passage between child and adult is timeless and priceless...” Dii, Reader

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