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Publication History

"A Taste Sweet and Salty" was originally published in Weird Tales (magazine, US); Jul 2006; May/June 2006 issue, #340; ISSN 0898-5073

"A Taste Sweet and Salty" is included in Doug's short story collection, Chimerascope (ChiZine Publications, Canada; 300 pages; 16 stories; Hardcover, 2010, limited edition, signed and numbered, ISBN 978-0-9813746-1-1; Trade Paperback, 2010, ISBN 978-0-9812978-5-9; eBook available in various formats)

A Taste Sweet and Salty

By Douglas Smith

The man known only as Stranger lived and died in a town with no name.

Each day he lived.

And each night he died.

One morning, Stranger might wake on silk sheets in a fine villa in the town. Rising, he would walk out onto a broad stone patio and look down over cobbled streets twisting between the red-clay buildings below. Out on the Medicean, ship sails billowed like clouds on an inverted sky. Ships he owned. He was rich. He was powerful.

The next morning, he might wake naked and shivering in a dark forest, his skin painted with dew etched by the tracks of insects that had explored him in the night. He had nothing. He was nothing.

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