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Cover Art Designed By Elaina Lee

Edited By Audrey Jamison

For Joe

Chapter One

Judi jumped out of the tow truck's passenger seat and dashed around to the back where Hammerin' Hank was unloading her Datsun 240Z.

The car was limey yellow and had the lines of a vintage Ferrari, or at least that's what her dad said. She loved its get up and go, when it actually got up and went. This was the fourth time she'd had it towed since her move to Carterville in August.

She yanked open the office door and stomped inside. Tom, her mechanic and number three on her speed-dial, raised his head from his study of a grease-edged manual.

Judi could see "You again?" in his eyes. "How can I help you?" he asked, his tone more polite than his expression. He slapped the manual shut and slid it beside the cash register.

"It won't start. Again. Same as last time." Judi glanced out the window. The tow truck driver had unhooked her car and removed the flashing lights from her rear window.

Tom shook his head. "Young lady, I don't know what else to fix. I'm not that good with foreign cars. Maybe you should take it to someone else."

"You're the only mechanic in the phone book who will touch a foreign car."

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