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Step 4 – Turn off Track Changes

Make sure you’ve turned off Word’s “Track Changes” feature, also known as “markup mode.” This is what your book looks like in Markup Mode:

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Step 5 – Use the NUCLEAR METHOD to Purge Hidden Corruption

Your Microsoft Word document can become corrupted if it has been touched by multiple word processors, or if it originated in a program such as InDesign or WordPerfect, or if it originated in PDF and then was converted to Word, or if it was originally created with poor formatting practices.

Luckily, our Nuclear Method purges all your formatting and allows you to start with a fresh Word document, free of hidden formatting or corrupted styling. The Nuclear Method is strongly recommended before you start formatting. Most formatting professionals on Mark’s List employ this method with every book because it helps you create a good clean multi-format conversion.

The Nuclear Method is also recommended if previous versions of your manuscript failed to convert, or if you’re struggling with EPUBCHECK errors, text boxes or tables you can’t find, or if you suspect your book is corrupted.

If you go Nuclear now, you won’t have to do it later.

Here’s how to go Nuclear:

1. Make a backup of your manuscript (VERY IMPORTANT!) if you haven’t done so already, and set it aside in case the Nuclear Method fails you.

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