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The purpose of today’s talk is to try and dissuade you from becoming an artist

Flying Through The Flame Of Creativity

A Lecture by Professor Peter Van Lorn

Copyright (c) 2009 by Electric Moon Publishing

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Editor’s note: This is a transcript of a lecture given on the campus of a private college in the late 1980s. When it came into our possession, we first tried to contact Prof. Van Lorn in order to arrange with him the publication of this transcript. That is when we learned that the professor had passed away in 1996. His nearest living kin, a second cousin, was not interested in participating in what he considered “the ramblings of a man who would have made a much better priest than professor, had he taken my advice,” and signed a waiver allowing us to publish this lecture as it is now presented.

Dr. Van Lorn was a professor of art history for more than 40 years, serving at two different small private colleges, one in the midwest, and the other in his homeland of Canada. This particular lecture was given after he had retired from the midwestern school. Apparently he was visiting friends in the town where this college is located and, at the request of the head of the art department, agreed to speak to this class, an Introduction to Art class. At the conclusion of his remarks, applause is heard on the tape for more than two minutes.

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