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Praise for

Awakening the Essence

...Kate Sexton explores a fascinating alternate universe with a radical past that isn’t entirely unbelievable, thanks to strategic interweaving of known historical fact. Rory is an exquisitely three-dimensional character: the relevant parts of her past are explained, and her present situation and the new abilities she seems to have developed are rendered flawlessly, allowing readers to experience each new sensation as Rory does. Sexton’s premise, that of an ancient feminist culture decimated by male sociopaths, a history remembered only by the last remaining members of an ancient race, will surely appeal to many new age, modern-thinking women.

Holly Scudero, San Franciso Book Review

Four Stars out of Five

It is an exciting and engaging multi-layered story that just might entice readers to do their own research on the ancient ways—or at the very least, to enjoy the next volume, due to be released in 2013.

Kristine Morris, ForeWord Reviews

Four Stars (out of Five)

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