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Trail of Storms

Praise for Marsha Ward’s novels

I finished the manuscript to Trail of Storms last night. It's a very compelling story: as I read it, I didn't want to put it down. The characters come alive on the pages and I have a good sense of who they are, internally and externally. Great story, and you told it very well.”

~Dan Olsen, consultant

Marsha Ward's western novel, Ride to Raton, reminded me why I swore off reading fiction a long time ago: I can't put the story down. She has the ability to put you in the time and place. The west during the mid-1800s was not a hospitable region, and she doesn't romanticize it. Marsha’s use of imagery is a treat. For instance: ‘… she had slipped from his grasp like quick-silver chased across a tabletop.’ Here's another: ‘Only much later did sleep lay a quilt of blackness over his exhausted body.’ And one last one: ‘… with the November sun pouting on the breast of a hazy sky.’”

~Liz Adair, author of the "Spider Latham" mystery series, The Mists of Quarry Harbor, and the Whitney Award-winning novel Counting the Cost

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