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Our story so far . . .

Alexander Tork, a fifteen-year-old lumberman, is thrust into a position of leading his village to safety before an advancing attack of Yaki, a fierce race of large fox-like creatures. His strength, courage, and leadership skills, soon draw him into the Red Swords of Targa, an elite military group, where his loyalty and skills mark him for rapid advancement. Along his path, he befriends Jenneva, a young orphaned girl destined to become one the world’s most powerful magicians, and Oscar Dalek, a poor border town boy destined to become the nation’s richest man. The three young Targan’s paths intertwine to save the Kingdom from an evil sorcerer and his huge host of goblins and Yaki.

In the end, Jenneva manages to use the Origin Scroll to banish Sarac, the evil sorcerer, into another Universe, while Alex, with the help of Oscar’s vast fortune, marshals the forces of the Red Swords to vanquish the goblin army.

At the beginning of The Dark Quest, Mordac, Sarac’s assistant, has spent two years trying to find the knowledge to bring his banished Master back home.

Chapter 1


The word went out quietly, furtively, across the continent. The God of Magic would return! The God of Magic had sent his Word and his Disciple to give power to the Black Devils, the power that would enable them to bring their god to life. Pilgrimages had begun from the farthest reaches of Lanoir to the cold desolation of the Disputed Area. Thousands of Black Devils were leaving their towns and villages and heading for a session with the Disciple. When the moon was full the meeting would commence and the Disciple would deliver his instructions. Soon the world would be set right and the God of Magic would reign forever.

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