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The Divine Connection

Copyright Cindy Goldenberg 2007

Smashwords Edition

PERMISSION:The Images “You’re cute” “You Fool” “Lake water before and after a Buddhist healing prayer” “Let’s Do It!” “Do It!” (Hidden Messages in Water) “War” “Peace” (Vol II) (© Masuro Emoto) are from Dr. Masuro Emoto’s books Messages from Water Volume II, and The Hidden Messages in Water, originally published by Hado Kyoiku Sha co., LTD., © IHM. Research Institute – images used by permission. Authorization number: ihm 0701240649

DISCLAIMER:The intent of the author is to enlighten and inspire. Information contained in this book should not be construed as medical treatment or advice. The author and publisher assume no responsibility for any outcome, belief, or condition as a result of reading this book. This book is to offer only general information for emotional and spiritual well being.

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