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Dr. Lyn Is In

Author, Lyn Kelley, Ph.D., CPC

Certified Professional Coach

My mission is to empower people to move to the next level of success in their relationships.”

What others are saying about Dr. Lyn’s Series

Wrong Men: How to Spot Them and Handle Them

Dr. Kelley tells it like it is. I’ve read all of her books on relationships and feel I have grown by leaps and bounds due to her honest, straight, real information. She writes like she is talking to her best friend. All the strategies I’ve used so far that she suggests have worked for me! I feel so much more confident in dating now, and I’m not wasting time with men who are wrong for me. This was worth more than 100 times the cost of the books to me. I highly recommend her books.”

--Tanya Murray, San Diego, CA

Lyn Kelley has done a superlative job of explaining why people fail at their relationships and how they can stop this self-sabotage. She explains how to know which men are ‘manageable’ and which men are not. She gives concrete, simple ways to get even the most difficult men to surrender to you. She showed me how I was actually pushing men away from me rather than moving them toward me. I now know what I’ve been doing wrong and am committed to changing myself! I highly recommend this book.”

--Michelle Rodriguez, Orlando, FL

Dr. Lyn tells it like it is. She explains the controlling and manipulative personality in a way that I could understand. I now know the tactics they use and will never again be taken by them! I feel much more confident to stand up for myself now – not just with men but with anyone who tries to control or manipulate me. The tips I got were worth way more than the cost of this book.”

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