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The Verdict

Elias Adam

Smashwords Edition Published by m-y books Ltd at Smashwords)

Copyright 2009 Elias Adam


The world in which we live in and this great universe which envelopes us with its multitude of creatures, obliges us to ask questions which most of them, if not all of them still remain unanswered. And the few that we do have, instead of being simple answers, we complicate them into big arguments that only great philosophers know how to manipulate them accurately with fervour. We possess this extraordinary power of thought, this big weapon which makes man the most intelligent of animals.

Yes, we have missed the perfection, but nothing will stop us to persevere in the simplicity of thought.

The arrogance, the hypocrisy, the tyranny; all these are bad gifts which only man can perfect. Instead of progress they force us to reverse and live like wild beasts, ferocious and wild in this modern, cosmopolitan world. I believe that human nature has never prospered throughout time; the first man is identical to the man of today. The only variant is this technology which has become his second nature, this gives us the illusion that we are civilised..... All these enigmas which surround our daily life and persecute us without stop, gave me the inspiration to write the Theory of Existence followed by this book titled The Verdict.

“It doesn't matter who we hurt whether it be a dog that we mistreat or an ant that we tread on, all that matters is that these are all crimes which we facilitate by ignorance.

The right of living is the same for all creatures, and its true comprehension can only be achieved once you truly understand the right of existence.”

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