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for love lost, and for love found –


The book you hold in your hands, Forget What You Can't Remember, takes place in the same storybook world as my first novel, Lost and Not Found. More of a spin-off than a direct sequel, this book does not have the same main characters, is not about someone trying to write a novel, and you don't necessarily need to read Lost and Not Found to understand it.

I have included two excerpts from Lost and Not Found containing the portions of that book relevant to this one - you can find them at the end of this book. Appendix A contains a conversation Paul had with some friends, roughly a month prior to the events of this book, about the doomsday he'd been predicting for years. Appendix B contains Lost and Not Found's description of what happened at the time Paul had predicted; a time that falls somewhere between chapter 5 and chapter 7 of this book.

I've also written a collection of short stories, each created to enrich and deepen the world of Forget What You Can't Remember by exploring its peripheral characters, settings, events and ideas individually. It's called More Lost Memories, and it paints some of the stories in this book in a totally new light (like what was going on in chapter 21, for example). I hope you enjoy them.

-Teel McClanahan III

Chapter 1, Part 1

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