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Tessa McClain shoved the mass of blond curls out of her face and glared at the tarot card lying on the cloth in front of her. Early morning sunlight poured through open windows, highlighting the white stars on the deep blue fabric. The day already held a hint of more unseasonably warm April weather for the city.

Tessa closed her eyes and opened them. Nope, the same card still lay there, an accusation of how messed-up her life had become.

The Five of Coins.

She tilted her head and regarded her neighbor, Rain Bean, seated on the other side of the coffee table. “Money problems, huh? The freakin’ cards can’t tell me something I don’t already know?”

Rain sighed, a long dramatic sound Tessa knew was calculated to annoy the crap out of her. Her friend fingered one of her oddly designed hoop earrings. “If you don’t like the answer—”

“Try a different deck.” Tessa couldn’t stop herself from blurting the words. Maybe her smartass attitude wasn’t properly respectful of Rain’s beliefs, but the electricity that shot across Tessa’s nerve endings bothered her. The weird feeling occurred whenever Rain tried to read her fortune. It excited her and scared the shit out of her at the same time.

Rain cocked an eyebrow, the fine dark line at odds with her shoulder-length silver hair.

Tessa swallowed what was left of her pride. “Please?”

Without a word, Rain collected her everyday Rider-Waite deck and set it aside. She turned to pull another deck out of the carved wooden box sitting beside her on the floor. The sunlight streaming into her apartment caught on the gold earrings she wore.

Heat flooded Tessa’s face as the intricate design of the hoops resolved into a man and woman intimately entwined in the throes of passion. She wasn’t sure what bothered her more, that she didn’t have the guts to wear something blatantly sexual like the earrings or that a woman three times her age saw more action than she did.

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