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Chapter 1: In the Lab we Go

I just got finished with a book when I heard a knock on the door. I saw Ronald Hinkleton. He’s the richest guy in town, but he doesn’t let it get to his head. He was a tyrannosaur –person about my age. “Hiya,” he said. “Hiya,” I replied.

I and Ron are big buddies. He’s my dad’s friend’s son. Anyway, I said, “Want to play video games?” Ron replied, “Does a glutton like to eat? Sure I do!” So we played Attack of the Robots II. I won, having destroyed 816 robots. “Aw man,” Ron complained. He turned to leave when he spotted my dad. “What is he doing?”

I realized Dad was headed for the “pantry,” which was really his secret lab (oops! I revealed it!). “Uh,” I stammered, trying to change the subject, “Wanna play again?” Ron glared. “What is he doing?” he asked sternly. “O.K.,” I said, “Don’t tell anyone. The pantry is his lab.” “Cool,” Ron said. We walked in the lab again.

Chapter 2: The Next 3 Centuries

We were in the lab. Sixteen seconds later, Dad spotted us. “What is Ron doing in my secret lab?” Dad asked. I asked, “Why are you talking like that?” Dad groaned.

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