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Book 2: Pursuit


The Antarktos Saga is now complete! All 5 books of this epic series are available in The Last Hunter – Collected Edition for less than the cost of the individual five books. The Collected Edition contains Descent, Pursuit, Ascent, Lament and Onslaught, as well as an exclusive short story and other extras.


Antarktos Rising, the novel that inspired this series, is also available. It parallels Ascent and tells the story of Mira and Merrill.




I was thirteen years old when I was kidnapped. They took me from my family, from my friends—from everything I knew, and stole my innocence. They brought me to a world beneath the surface of Antarctica, where I was broken and trained by a hunter named Ninnis. He served the ancient Nephilim: half-human, half-demon monsters. My personality was buried in my subconscious and replaced by that of Ull, a hunter and killer. For a time, I too served the Nephilim. As the first and only human born on Antarctica, they believed that I could contain the spirit of their fallen king, Nephil, and lead them to conquer humanity.


But I was stronger than they knew and escaped deep into the underworld, where I have been hiding for the past two years. I live in a cavern, which is somehow lush with green vegetation, eking out a living and cowering from the confrontation that I know awaits me. But the nightmare has found me. I can smell them. The hunters. They have discovered my hideout.

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