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51 Reluctant Ghost

Chapter One.

The phone rang breaking the silence in the darkened room. No one rushed in to answer the call.

'Phone-O! Phone-O!' squawked Mister Jeeps, the parrot with an English accent.

'Oh, shut up,' yelled Mister Ghost. 'The call won't be for us. Why don't you answer it,' he dared Mister Jeeps.

'Why should I? I'm not the butler.'

'Ghosts don't answer phone calls,' replied Mister Ghost, streaming into the room.

'I'm not Grayson's father. You be well advised to take the call. The teacher is losing her patience.'

'Teacher? What teacher? Why would any of then be ringing here?'

'Because Grayson isn't at school.'


'How should I know?'

'You always know, everything.' Mister Ghost floated over to the phone, the persistent ringing finally silenced.

'Well! You took your time,' scoffed Miss Wella. 'Where's Grayson? He's not at school. Why isn't he here? Grayson is way behind the rest of his group.'

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