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Xenatha Loris and the Ogs

by Sara Amis

Copyright 1991, 2011 Sara Amis

Smashwords Edition

Originally published in Planetary Previews Magazine, 1991

Licensing notes

This work remains the copyrighted property of the author. It may not be reproduced, copied or distributed without express permission. Thank you for your support.

Xenatha Loris was nearly mythical…nearly, as myths rarely levy taxes. Xenatha the Beautiful, the Incomparable, the Immortal, the Hyperbolic, Sorceress-Queen of the city of Loris. She had ruled there beyond the memory of living man and no one was very sure if she had been named after the city or the city had been named after her. Which came first, the city or the Queen? None could quite imagine the one without the other.

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