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Food Fight!

Winning the Weight Loss War

Ronald K. Theel

Copyright 2011 by Ronald K. Theel

Cover Design by Jeremy Taylor

Smashwords Edition


Flashback: April 2009

My weight had ballooned to 277 pounds on my six foot frame. Standing on the scale in my doctor’s office was downright painful! I had known that I was overweight, but now it was clear that I was definitely in the obese range. I was 56 years old and often complained about how difficult it was to lose weight as we get older. I guess that was my excuse: the aging process.

One month earlier, I had been diagnosed with epilepsy. I was certain that the two powerful medications I was taking had contributed to decreasing my body’s metabolism. I was lethargic and tired most of the time. In addition, I developed sleep apnea, a disorder that causes pauses in breathing or shallow breathing while asleep, due to the increased circumference of my neck.

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