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Thinking feet

By Mark Rushworth

Copyright Mark Rushworth 2011

Published by Malaru

Published at smashwords


Just imagine spotting a sale, before you have even spoken a single word to your customers, and all from just observing your customer’s body movements.

I have found that one of the most important things that salespeople don’t incorporate into their selling skills, is the use of body language, and what a difference it would make to their selling if they did make use of this skill.

If you start to use body language with your selling, then you will find that you can spot little gestures the customer uses, when they are not quite sure about what you are saying to them about your product, they may scratch there neck, usually consists of 5 scratches on the back of the neck, or maybe they don’t like something you have said, watch the arms suddenly fold together, and when there is a little distrust to what you have said to your customer, you can find they scratch there nose while you are talking to them, these little gestures could hinder your sale, if you don’t pick up on theses little gestures the customer uses, and by you noticing these little gestures the customer uses, you will be able to work them to your own advantage.

Also by copying your customers gestures, then you can get into a better rapport with your them, but remember don’t overdo copying their gestures, you may find you may upset the customer if they think you are mimicking them, it is important you copy their gestures any where from 5 seconds onwards, and no more than 30 seconds to do this, and the copying of gestures doesn’t have to be exactly the same as long as they are very similar to there’s.

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