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Don was struggling to keep a straight face, he made a couple of notes on his pad, mostly to help him regain his composure.

How did they come? By car, was it?”

I don’t know, I didn’t see. They just knocked at the front door.”

When they left, did you see anything then?”

They told me not to leave the kitchen until they had gone, they let themselves out.”

When they told you not to speak to me, did they mention me by name?”

No, they just said “that reporter from the paper”. They must have been tapping my phone, how else would they know that I was going to meet you?”

What else did they talk to you about, William?”

Nothing. When I answered the door they made me go through into the kitchen and then told me I was not to see you. They then told me to stay there and they left. That was all.”

And they didn’t touch you, or threaten you?”


OK, tell me about when you were abducted. Just run through the whole thing start to finish, in your own words, and I’ll ask you questions about it when you’re through.”

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