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Happily Ever After Romances reserves all rights granted by the author. No part of this book may be copied or shared without written permission from the publisher. All characters are creations of the author, and resemblances to any real person are coincidental.

Copyright 2011, Lilly LaRue

Smashwords Edition

Chapter One

The limousine was long and sleek, much like its owner. It was a pure shade of black, so deep that it appeared to be blue, much like the hair of the man riding in the back. Angelos Barudikos’ one remaining eye was also a flashing black, set in a deeply tanned face. His Greek origins were easy to see, not only in his features, but also in his frame, tall and lean with sculpted muscles. In a different era, this man would have been a Greek God.

Angel shared many characteristics with the gods of old. He was hard and unyielding, cold, and arrogant. He had no tolerance for fools or lesser mortals, and most importantly, he believed in retribution. He carefully nurtured hatred in his heart, keeping it burning like the flame on Mount Olympus. He believed that a man’s sins would always be punished, if one were patient enough. Barudokis had few scruples when deciding how that person would be punished, and took little consideration for the severity of their crimes when deciding their fate. If crossed, he eventually got his revenge.

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