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It's a Mad World and other essays

S.E. Mann

Smashwords Edition

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It's a Mad World

by S.E. Mann

Back in the days before the world looked so bleak, the world looked pretty darn bleak. American movies answered the call to arms to prepare the public for the things that were certainly to come: Utopia, but gone very, very wrong. Of course many of these themes, and actual stories came from much earlier times, and were fashioned for the present, as these things tend to go. It’s the way of things, the endless adaptation of the works of previous eras, taking things from back when they didn’t know anything. I’ve always wondered how it is that all those past generations which are notorious for their bumbling and naivety on such matters as the environment, social equality, education, science, medicine and politics, seem to have accomplished so much that we in our enlightened times can’t resist copying every chance we geniuses get.

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