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Paul Mckenzie

Smashwords Edition Published by M-y books Ltd at Smashwords)

Copyright 2009 Paul Mckenzie 1 Persecution

The engine revved gently, delivering its poisonous cocktail into the occupant’s tainted blood stream. Her pulse became erratic as her body fought its losing battle with the carbon monoxide. Outside the vintage Bentley, the large garage contained the noise of the deadly motor as the arriving estate workmen passed by, still discussing the previous evening’s football results.

Ronaldo was a bit special last night. Still, he needs some support out on the left hand side,’ the resident Estate Supervisor, Ritchie Blacklock, explained to his uninterested hired help, Nigel Roth.

That Chinese bloke – just there to make up the numbers ain’t he. Runs around like a headless chicken. Don’t you think?’ continued Ritchie, failing to involve his vacant companion.

Don’t talk much do you?’ Ritchie stated, pulling his green overalls over his bony shoulders.

By this time Nigel was busy surveying the finely manicured lawns whose edges hemmed the solitary garage. He was thirty years old and never tired of grass. Long, short, fat and even thin, it all met with his pleasure and he sighed with frustration as the luxuriant green spread was brutally cut short at the perimeter of the lavish fourteen-bedroom house four hundred metres away.

Nigel, do you want to keep your fucking job or what?’ exclaimed Ritchie, glaring at the back of Roth’s head.

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