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Green creatures

Green creatures

Yiffy Husky & Romeo Rabbit

Copyright Yiffy Husky & Romeo Rabbit 2011

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John and his co-worker, Paul, were heading down the path to the new harvest spot. Their boss had told them to check the spot for any sabotage devices the environmental protesters may have left.

I wish the boss wouldn’t antagonize those Eco freaks,” John said.

It would save us a lot of trouble,” Paul answered. “But he does have a business to run. They’re getting in the way of that.”’

Which means no paychecks for us, I get it,” said John.

As they got to the spot, a strong pungent smell permeated their nostrils.

Ugh! What the hell, man!” John cried out as the smell made his eyes water.

I think some animals were marking their territory here,” Paul gagged, his eyes tearing up. “Ugh. I think we should leave and let the smell dissipate.”

John nodded in agreement and they turned to head out. They were met by two large gray wolves, growling menacingly. Shocked the two men began backing off, only to meet two more wolves behind them. Two more then appeared from the sides.

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