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by Tim Maughan

Copyright 2011 Tim Maughan

Smashwords Edition

Dedicated to Chris Maughan, for ensuring the house was always full of computers and science fiction.


3Cube’s feet hurt. His limited edition Eugene SureShot Nikes are two sizes two small for him, in order to try and fool the gait-tracking software. It is an old writer trick, one that 4Clover had taught him before he got sent down. Advice from a jailed writer. To be fair though it wasn’t the gait-trackers, face-clockers or even the UAVs that got 4Clover in the end. The word on the timelines had said it was a Serbian zombie-swarm hired by an irate art critic that had tracked him down and smeared his co-ordinates all across the Crime and ASB wikis. Right in the middle of a bombing too. Caught red-handed; stencil in one hand, beetle juice in the other.

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