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Maya sends her love, a parable for our times

Steaphen Pirie

Copyright © Steaphen Pirie 2011

Published by ProCreative Pty Ltd, at Smashwords


Sunday night, bedtime

“Oh Grandpapa, please, please, pleeeeeease tell me the story again,” squealed Maya with delight and anticipation.

“It’s wonderful you weren’t upset when you first heard it,” replied grandfather Johann.

“Maybe this time you would like to feel more. You know, connect a little deeper ... but don’t stay too long with them, okay?”

“OK Grandpa, I’ll come back when you finish the story,” replied Maya casually. Closing her eyes she began her Fall into focused awareness, preparing to feel the fears of people from another now...

Johann began retelling the story to his grand-daughter on the eve of her 7th birthday.

Before Falling began, the great many peoples of the world lived with enormous fear. It is difficult to understand their fears for we are blessed with the ease and confidence of Falling into love, peace and safety.

But they did not trust themselves to begin Falling. Theirs was a time of great restraint; of jailed minds, bodies and spirits. They had not been taught or trusted themselves enough to allow their spirits to soar and be free. Theirs was a time of tremendous shame and hatred.

The great many felt trapped. They felt life was complex and demanding. They felt trapped by the opinions of others. They felt trapped by ...

“Graaaaannnpapa?” whispered Maya slowly, as if half asleep.

“Hmmm,” queried Johann.

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