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Happily Ever After Romances reserves all rights granted by the author. No part of this book may be copied or shared without written permission from the publisher. All characters are creations of the author, and resemblances to any real person are coincidental.

Copyright 2011, Lilly LaRue

Smashwords Edition

When escaped bank robber Cody Broderick breaks into her home and takes her hostage, Rachel knows she should be terrified, instead of noticing how attractive her captor is. After the first moments of terror come and go, she realizes there is a lot more to Cody than what he appears. Can the stolen moments they have shared ever be enough to satisfy her when he walks away for good?

Stolen Moments

What did you think of the ballet, darling?” Edmond asked as he pulled his late-model BMW into Rachel’s driveway. She sighed with annoyance at the use of the endearment. “Wasn’t it fabulous?”

Quirking an eyebrow, Rachel murmured a polite agreement. Personally she hadn’t much cared for the theme. The heroine had been ravished by a dark prince who stole into her bedroom at night. “Thank you for an interesting evening,” she said, trying to inject a note of warmth in her voice. She waited as Edmond slid from the car and came around to open her door.

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