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Attack of the Ear Sharks

An m-novel

by A. Snoek

Copyright David Ker 2011

Version 20.July.2011

Smashwords Edition

July 2011

This book is free for non-commercial use, especially if you use it for teen literacy in South Africa!

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Chapter 01

Our mini-bus smashed into the back of this lekker black BMW that was swerving to miss a cyclist dressed in a bright pink stretchy suit who almost ran over a little poodle being walked across the street by an old lady listening to her iPod. Mrs. Coetzee screamed. I had just turned to shout at one of the Junior kids when momentum sent me flying backwards out of my seat and I smacked heads with Latifah. She screamed, "Chuckle, you donderkop!" and then all the kids in the bus were screaming because a whole troop of baboons was attacking our bus, chewing on the tires and bouncing on the roof. Such is life in the Cape.

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