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Book One of The Awakening Trilogy

Christine M. Butler


Jennifer L. Oliver



Christine M. Butler and Jennifer L. Oliver

Copyright © 2010 Christine M. Butler

Book Cover art © 2011 Christine M. Butler

Smashwords Edition


Disappearances & Discoveries

Caislyn had been reading the newest best-seller that she grabbed from downstairs in her family's bookstore, Hidden Dimensions, when she nodded off. At first her dreams were filled with thoughts of Jack Kanon's loss and his travels to find his daughter's killer, but soon the images in her dream began to swirl together like a watercolor that had been submerged. Images grew darker and then as they began to clear she found herself in the bookstore downstairs. Of course, she wasn't physically there, she was seeing Hidden Dimensions as if she were floating above it all, watching the drama unfold.

Vesta whispered to Mac, “This is it, we've found it.”

“Vesta,” Mac started to say to his wife as he looked toward the front door of Hidden Dimensions, “they're here.” Caislyn watched as her father began chanting incantations to set powerful wards of protection on the book store, concentrating most of his energy on the upstairs apartment.

Vesta began an incantation of her own. Whispering the words under her breath, Vesta flicked her wrist toward her assistant Melina, throwing her weight behind the spell. Melina was caught up in a cyclone of power and thrown from the store by the force of Vesta's will and the power of her words. As soon as Melina was clear of the place the doors slammed shut once more. Vesta took one last glance over at her husband who was still busy setting wards, then she took her athame from a special pouch that hung about her waste. The silver of the ceremonial dagger glinted in the soft light of the book store. The jeweled handle that held a sapphire moon sparkled dimly, in search of the right light to present itself in all it‘s glistening glory. Vesta poked the sharp tip into the middle of her index finger letting fly a droplet of blood before she held it over the book that was still sitting in front of her, as she began to softly chant once more.

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