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Thanks to Molly Hensley-Clancy, my able research assistant, for her reporting and other extensive contributions.

Thanks to Dennis Littky, Michael McCarthy, and the students of College Unbound for their help with user testing.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to speak with me, respond to my surveys, and otherwise help with the project.

Table of Contents

How to use the Edupunks’ Guide

Edupunk Quiz

DIY Education Manual

HowTo 1: Do Research Online
HowTo 2: Write a Personal Learning Plan
HowTo 3: Teach Yourself Online
HowTo 4: Build Your Personal Learning Network
HowTo 5: Find a Mentor
HowTo 6: Get a Credential
HowTo 7: Demonstrate Value to a Network

A: Get Ready (pre-college/ exploratory/supportive)

A.1: What Do You Like? What Do You Want to Be?

Personality Tests and Quizzes
Career Search Sites

A.2: College Search Services

Box: Online vs. For-Profit Colleges

A.3: Professional Licenses and Certification Programs

A.4 Alternative Programs for Pre-College or non-College Learners

Adult Basic Education
High Schoolers

B: Finish Line (some college/ college completion/ college credits / alternative college programs)

Box: Tips on Getting College Credit for Prior Learning

B.1 College Credit Services

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