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Graham, I have just finished reading the last page of your book.  I have to tell you I really enjoyed the whole experience - I have read one or two other books about our common past and I was left craving another approach. You nailed it on the head. Thank you for all the effort you made to put down your story and share it with us” – Tom, Malta

We had “book-club” last night... Claire read the last pages out aloud to us, and the four African ladies could not keep the tears from flowing, it was just superb. Claire said she has never cried so much in her life... – Wendy, Perth


I laughed and cried a lot… so many memories” – Pam, Goulburn NSW


Makorokoto for a job well done.  I could comment at length on your insights and how well you’ve put them into words, but I’ll leave it as a simple ‘thank you’ – I thoroughly enjoyed it and still have a tear in my eye as I type” – Brian, Darwin

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