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Vilorian Sunrise

Head Without a Crown

E.M. Popal

Copyright 2011 by E.M. Popal

Smashwords Edition

Chapter One

A hard landing

At long last it was time to land. The sounds of the gushing air screech as the vessel descends on the bright blue super-Earth. He holds onto his restraints and thinks happy thoughts while his stomach ascends to his lungs. The thoughts of him being a hero are all but consuming him. He has done it; he has found a habitable planet for future colonization. Boom! The spaceship finally lands, near the coastline of a continent completely unknown to him. Captain Dorian removes his restraints and gathers his equipment for a venture outside. In his full space suit on; he ventures on to the planet and stares at the beautiful sunset. It wasn’t like anything he’s ever seen before on Earth. It was a dark orange. The planet’s star was a red dwarf and easy on the eye. He could stare at that star without any pain on his retinas.

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