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Celiac – There and Back Part One

Gluten Freedom!

A Journey Through Celiac Dis-ease

Published by Jane Taylor Hardy at Smashwords

Copyright 2013 Jane Taylor Hardy


Part One

Journey Through Hell

I share my journey through Celiac Dis-ease with the hope that it will help others to obtain freedom. Some of the names and places have been changed in my story, but other than that, this is my authentic journey.

Some years ago, I was in graduate school attending classes when I began to feel extremely ill. I walked out of the university and promptly dropped my cell phone on the ground, shattering it. I drove myself to Harmony Hospital’s emergency room and fainted. The doctors took my blood and did their standard examinations. They found nothing wrong. My boyfriend at the time (who had driven there to meet me) told them of my extremely busy schedule and he expressed to them that he thought it was too stressful for me and so they told me to de-stress my life as much as possible, which I did.

In the meantime, my father heard I was in the emergency room and he told me that he wanted to send me to his neurologist, Dr. Bob Chides, at a neurological center in Salt Lake City, Utah. I went in to see Dr. Chides and upon hearing my symptoms he scheduled me for an M.R.I. He came back with the M.R.I. and said that it had a spot on it that was indicative of Multiple Sclerosis. He said that that fact, accompanied with my symptoms, made it very probable that I had M.S. He said that he would next need to do a spinal tap, and if that was positive he was starting me immediately on medication for M.S.

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