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Jane Jane Allison Allison Elizabeth Pamela Sue,

A Candle for Boo

Copyright 2011 by Beth Cox

By Beth F. Cox

Smashwords Edition

Jane Jane Allison Allison Elizabeth Pamela Sue,

Had a little brother whose name was Beau, but everyone called him Boo.

They lived in a house with their Mom and their Dad, in a town that is far, far away,

In a place that was known as the Land of the Giants, and that’s what they call it today.

Jane Jane was lying in her bed, all snug and warm. She was still almost asleep, but she knew it was morning and soon her Mom would call up the stairs to wake her.

“Jane Jane Allison Allison Elizabeth Pamela Suuu-oooo, time to get uh-up,” called her Mom.

“I’m awake, Mom,” Jane Jane answered.

Jane Jane was a little girl Giant with such a long name that only her Mom and her doctor could remember it all. Everyone else just called her Jane Jane.

Boo, who was Jane Jane’s little brother, was already up and dressed. He’d even washed behind his ears.

But of course he was up! It was his birthday, and everyone gets up early on their birthday, don’t you know.

Jane Jane washed up, brushed her hair, put on her favorite red dress and went downstairs for breakfast. A big breakfast, of course, since Jane Jane was 100 times the size of a normal little girl. But of course, all the Giants were big people. Really Big People.

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