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Bryan W. Alaspa

Copyright Bryan W Alaspa 2009

Smashwords edition

For Kim

Part One: The Condemned Man


The young man stands at the end of the gangway and tries hard not to touch any of the other people around him. This is a difficult task given how busy the airport is but he moves and ducks and turns himself in such a way that shows he has done this type of thing before. He is tall, standing six feet easily and his face is amazingly white. This is accented all the more by the fact he is dressed entirely in black including a bilious black coat that seems to swim and swarm around his frame like something alive. His eyes are blazingly blue and he appears to be a man in his twenties but his eyes reveal something different. His eyes show someone who has seen much and done much in the years he has been given. The one thing that truly sets him apart from those around him is the mop of shocking red hair that tops his head.

“Grady? Grady is that you?”

The man approaches from Grady’s left. Grady smiles when he sees the man and the smile does a lot to alleviate the agedness of his face. It is the kind of smile that would cause women to swoon were its bearer the type interested in making women do such a thing. In fact, the women who walk past him in the airport seem to step out of his path, almost unconsciously, as if wanting to avoid even the most accidental or incidental contact.

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