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Mythos: A Thriller

A Novella

Bryan W. Alaspa

Smashwords Edition

For Melanie

Chapter One: Good Day Turned Bad

It was one of those Chicago winter days that you hear people who aren’t from Chicago complain about. They use it as a reason for not wanting to live in Chicago, as if the people who do live there have some sort of masochistic streak. What most don’t realize is that we Chicagoans actually take a kind of pride in surviving the harsh winters. Chicago is not the frozen tundra that so many seem to think it is complete with polar bears walking down Michigan Avenue.

I was feeling pretty good for a day as gray as it was. Most people do start to suffer some kind of seasonal affective disorder, but the winters here seldom got to me in the same way. I actually preferred bundling up and wearing baggy winter clothes. I considered it a public service since the less of me that was publicly visible, the better. So, I was actually enjoying the bite of the wind against the skin of my face as I stepped out of my modest three-bedroom apartment and walked the block to my car.

It usually bodes well when my car manages to start without stalling or protesting too much. So, I figured I was in for a good day at the office when my car started immediately. The sun was just started to peek over the tops of the houses and traffic was already heavy, as usual. Chicago seems to run a kind of constant rush hour during the week.

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