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This was an AN6 Mech. The thing was probably a relic from the nuclear wars before people started using mechanical bodies for warfare.

It was probably the most dangerous creation of the military of that time and still was a force to be reckoned with that could take out whole teams of enhanced soldiers.

Tank lifted his heavy rifle and shot off a burst of 20 rounds at the cockpit. It was the most reinforced place on the entire machine, but the bullets would ping off the steel a bit and might distract the drivers for a moment.

He got within the 100 meter range of the big cannon on the bottom of the three legged machine and it let loose a hail of shells. It was more powerful than he had thought.

He dodged to the left and right relying on his internal computers calculations. A bullet hit him on the arm and flew off in another direction. His arms would be ok, but a shot to the head or chest might kill him.

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(SMASHWORDS EDITION / Copyright Kenneth Guthrie 2011)

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