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Shelly's Diary

By: Melody Ichigama

Dear diary,

I chewed on my pencil as I sat in class wondering how much homework I didn't do. I was thinking of quick excuses. My dog ate it? No everybody knows my mom is allergic to pets. Hmm, I was at sports? No, I'm to bust with track everyone knows I cant ALSO fit in other sports, and everyone knows track meets are Friday, not Wednesday. To tell the truth I was only at home watching TV. I wasn't watching TV just to flip though channels. I needed to watch the newest icarly episode, how was I supposed to know it would lead to an icarly MARATHON! I couldn't miss it. I think they should at least give me slack for that! I mean I always do my homework! This is just one time! I popped a piece of cherry gum in my mouth. It was sitting in my pocket for a while so it was soft and warm. Just the way I like it. Gum has this weird affect on me though. It makes me daydream more and get lost in my thoughts. Also I can't even blow a bubble! Last time I tried I got gum in my hair. So there I was daydreaming of pie. I know, I know, weird but yummy.

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