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By: Raven de Hart

Copyright 2011 Raven de Hart

Smashwords Edition

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He hoped he’d arrived in time. It had been years since he drove the corners and roundabouts that led to the high school, but Devon remembered the path just as well as if he still went there. He graduated ten years ago today—ten year reunion. Everyone would be comparing their kids, comparing their jobs, and comparing their lives—that’s not why he decided to come. He had something important to do, and if he didn’t do it now he might never get around to it.

Kale. Since middle school, the very first time he’d seen Kale Bohn, there was something different about him. He knew he had to get closer to him. It worked. Devon felt confident that Kale would be there for him when push came to shove, and he’d proven it many times throughout their friendship. After they started really getting along, things changed—for the better. He never came out to anyone in high school—it wasn’t the thing to do in that era—and it led to some fortunate encounters, especially with Kale. The two of them getting shirtless at Mindy’s annual water balloon fight, being ‘forced’ to wrestle in gym class, and one very memorable evening at the lake—skinny dipping with the whole ‘group’. He didn’t stare, per say, but he didn’t stop himself from looking, either.

The parking lot was absolutely full, so Devon had to park on the street—even finding a spot there proved difficult. When he finally slid between a pair of pickup trucks, he sprinted for the door. So much for not getting all sweaty, “Devon?” He twisted his head a bit too fast, cricking it painfully, “It’s me. Mindy.”

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