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Every good book deserves a dedication.

I wish to dedicate this book to my unbelievable children, Chris and Kim. A roller coaster ride at times, to be sure. But, hey, roller coaster are so thrilling people pay good money to ride them. Love you both... forever!


The present version of The InnerGlow Effect is labeled the second edition. Some background on this point. I began writing The InnerGlow Effect in 2007. I will freely and openly admit the original published version was rough at best. I was, as we all were once, young and unschooled. Back then, I was not even aware I could hire an editor to tear the first edition apart. But, that was then... this is now - relatively. After writing two subsequent books between editions of The InnerGlow Effect, I have learned, I would like to fancy, my trade much better.

Most authors I have spoken with on the topic adamantly refuse to even consider going back and repairing an older novel. For my part, though I understand their reluctance, I feel if you can correct a work, you should. Nowadays with e-publishing and publish-on-demand, why not put your best foot forward? One Amazon review of the first edition of The InnerGlow Effect said, in effect, the book was so unreadable due to technical malfeasances it put him off trying any of my other novels. I can't say I blame him. I considered simply unpublishing The InnerGlow Effect. That did not sit well, as I wrote the story for a reason. I had a vision (no, seriously, I had a vision - a concept vision, not a vision vision, I'm not that out-there yet) which I wanted to preserve. So I elected to edit/rewrite/re-edit. I also obtained the help of a professional editor. This critical step was missing from my earlier efforts. It will never be omitted again! I am, after all the work, glad I went to such lengths. The polished-up The InnerGlow Effect is a better novel than before by one-and-a-half light years. Seriously, I measured it twice! So, to those who suffered through the original version, I can only say that I am sorry. To those fortunate friends who are reading The InnerGlow Effect for the first time, you're welcome!

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