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Little Black Books


Danity ‘O’Shae

Copyright 2011 Patria Dunn-Rowe

Smashwords Edition

Little Black Books

*1* The Brotherhood:

I smiled as the familiar DROID tone echoed through my apartment, well before John appeared in my kitchen doorway, shaking his head as he tapped repeatedly on the touch screen of his phone. His fiancée –soon to be bride, in exactly seven days- had given it to him as a pre wedding gift, already loaded with every business contact and person that had anything to do with the their upcoming wedding. The android phone had been going off from the moment she’d put it in his hand, driving him absolutely insane over the last few days. I laughed as he pretended to throw the offending device to the floor and stomp on it as it DROIDed two more times, signaling incoming messages.

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