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Skipper the Kangaroo

has a

Desert Adventure

Brian Leo Lee

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2011 Brian Leo Lee

Cover and Illustrations by Brian Leo Lee

Copyright 2011

The moral right of the author has been asserted.

All rights reserved.

Skipper the Kangaroo

has a

Desert Adventure

It was hot in the desert. So hot that the two young kangaroos, Skipper and his best friend Legs, were looking for a shady place to rest in. They were lost and trying to find their way home.

The heat of the sun was making them feel dizzy as they slowly climbed up a small hill.

As they passed a jumble of rocks Skipper saw a dark hole, partly hidden by one big boulder.' Legs! Legs!' he shouted. 'Look a cave.'

Legs slowly lifted his head and looked at the cave. 'Will it be cooler inside?' he asked hopefully.

'Yes, it will be,' said Skipper. 'Come on hurry. Let's get inside away from this heat as fast as we can.'

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