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The Lie

Praise for THE LIE

“Jace fights for what he holds dear: love, honor, family. He shows us how a boy’s flaws can make him the perfect man.” Heidi Ruby Miller, author of Ambasadora

“THE LIE brings readers right to the heart of fear and life, revealing something wonderful waits on the other side.” Irene Pynn, author of From Light to Dark

“A coming-of-age novel, THE LIE provides a novel point of view by exploring teen pregnancy from a boy’s perspective.” Irma Fritz, author of Irretrievably Broken

“THE LIE is a story of decisions and effects, bringing to life all the angst of teenage pregnancy.” Sandy Nachlinger, author of I.O.U. Sex

“Suspenseful, compassionate view of war from a teen’s perspective.” Judy Nill, author of Simple Twists of Faith and Just for Kicks

“Pollard-Johnson blends crisp narrative and engrossing dialogue to bring her characters to life.” Jason Jack Miller, author of The Devil and Preston Black

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