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"My grandmother used to say", he said, "'from your mouth to God's ear'"

"That's it!" Tom declared.

"That's what?" asked his friend.

"That's how you and I will change the world."

"Okay", Chris replied. He had always wanted to change the world.

The sidewalk, since you asked, was along Kearney Street near Post. It was a cold, foggy and windy evening. The two young men were bundled up and walking towards the Montgomery Street Muni Station on their way home after work. Chris would take the N-Judah back to the Inner Sunset, and Tom would take the J-Church to Noe Valley.

"I know what you're thinking", Tom said.

"Really?" Chris was genuinely curious. Was Tom a mind-reader after all? It would be news to him.

"You're thinking this is just another one of my hare-brained schemes that I'll forget about immediately and it would have come to nothing anyway, but you're wrong."

"I'm wrong?" Chris thought about this for a moment. It's quite possible I'm wrong, he decided, even if that is not what I was thinking, which it wasn't.

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