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Legal English Discussions for EFL and ESL Students

Karen A. Lundquist

Copyright 2011 by Karen A. Lundquist

Smashwords Edition


This book is aimed at ESL or EFL students who are studying English for their jobs as lawyers, judges, notaries or other legal professionals, those students who need to know technical legal English and who want to be comfortable discussing complex legal issues in English.

The objective of the book is to encourage discussion. It is based on the belief that the most effective way of learning a foreign language and its vocabulary, especially technical terminology, is by using it in directed exercises that focus on the specific subject matter such as law. This book provides exercises that will allow students to do precisely that.

This book is best suited to students who have at least an intermediate level of English, as there are no discussions or lessons aimed specifically at grammar. Instead, it is assumed that the students are comfortable talking and reading in English but are not necessarily familiar with the specific vocabulary of English for the law.

The book is organized into three sections, each with an overall theme. They are:

• The Practice of Law

o Attorney Ethics

o Attorney Fees

o Women in the Legal Profession

• Substantive Areas of Law

o Employment Law

o Civil Procedure

• The Legal System

o The Courts

o Judicial Reforms

Each section is divided into chapters, each of which represents a discussion topic. Each chapter includes materials that introduce the topic, such as a statute or court decision. Discussion questions, aimed at cultivating discussion, follow. The exercises are based on American law, although they are not lessons in American law. Instead, U.S. statutes, rules and constitutional articles are used as a departure point and vehicle for the discussion.

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