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Kaitlyn O’Connor

Copyright ( c ) December 2006

Cover Art by Jenny Dixon, 2006

ISBN 978-1-60394-806-7

Smashwords Edition

New Concepts Publishing

Lake Park, GA 31636

Chapter One

Noticing her fingers had begun to cramp and her hands to sweat, Sabrina consciously relaxed her grip on the steering wheel, trying not to think about the poor decisions she’d made that had led up to her current situation. Outside the car it was as black as the inside of a cave despite the fact that it was a clear night. For that matter, it was as black as pitch inside the car, too.

She glanced down at the clock again—12:05—two minutes later than it had been the last time she’d checked.

Realizing her foot was getting heavier and heavier on the gas pedal the more anxious she became, she eased off on the gas, glancing in her rearview mirror, her side mirrors, flicking a quick look at the darkened woods that crowded close to the narrow highway.

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