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Eons of eons ago, the quite inadequately named God of stuff was created. Some say that he popped up out of thin air, but that was mere slander as air wasn’t invented before the God of stuff. However, he was formed and he went on to create hundreds upon thousands of universes, which he compiled into a structure called the multi-verse. All of the universes lived happily in cohabitation.

Time passed.

The God of stuff, now known as the Original decided that he alone could not look over these universes and created smaller, less powerful deities to watch over each universe. He also created a being that was on the same power level as him, in case anything went wrong. He unimaginatively named this being Prototype. It was a peaceful time.

Until the wars...

The universes began to fight under the deities’ orders, striving to become the most powerful universe with the most powerful God. The Original smiled and let them get on with it, too sentimental and caring to intervene. So, Prototype created the void, and used the void’s power to separate the universes. The Original discovered Prototype’s treachery and created the light blade and the shadow blade, forcing the shadow blade into the void. He also made Prototype into a shadow God, thus the light blade kept him in the void. The Original tried to undo Prototype’s handiwork, but this only led to different religions ending up in different universes.

Prototype had his revenge soon...

Original delved into the depths of the void, unsuspecting the new changes. It had a population of what appeared to be shadows and the Original was not in control of his movements. Prototype found him, and challenged him. The Original, growing used to the alternate physics, agreed as he had grown in power. However, Prototype had been destroying entire universes using his shadowy minions and by tricking the populace of those universes. He absorbed the universes power, growing in his strength. He easily defeated the Original and shattered his soul. However, the soul was strong and possessed one of the shadows in the void, who was finding himself questioning Prototype’s reign before. He freed the souls from Prototype’s dark grasp, sending the shadow and the souls into the multi-verse at random. This shadow is thought to be the messiah.

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