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Big Adventure in Little Bosnia

Kenneth R. Szulczyk

All characters, places, and situations that appear in this work are purely fictitious, created in the writer’s mind. Although the places in the novel do exist, any resemblance to real people – living or dead – are entirely coincidental.

I apologize to my readers for the multiple versions of this novel. I wrote this novel during my spare time and didn’t know what I was doing. Feeling obligated to my readers, I studied techniques to improve my writing. Although, I still need improvement, the 6th Edition is the best.

The Big Adventure in Little Bosnia

Copyright Kenneth R. Szulczyk 2011

All rights reserved

Cover design by Kenneth R. Szulczyk

Smashwords Edition 6.0, July 2013


Veronika Ibragovic sipped her coffee, watching the message menu slide upward from the bottom of the computer screen as an important email had just arrived.

Veronika clicked on the menu to read the message.

Her computer temporarily froze as the ancient, second hand computer retrieved the email. Her computer had trouble running a hacked version of Windows XP. In Bosnia, companies never pay legally for software. They pilfered and copied and stolen everything. Second hand machines and computers drifted from Europe to the computer stores in Bosnia, a means for a war-torn country like Bosnia to adapt and acquire technology.

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