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If we are heading in different directions,

Why do our feet walk the same path?

I will love you forever regardless, but

Do you love me?

Or do you love me not?

If your lips were being truthful,

Then your eyes were speaking lies.

Tell me, once again my friend,

Do you love me?

Or do you love me not?


“Your feelings are difficult to interpret, my dear,” he said. “There is love, but there is anger too. The opposing thoughts are intertwined and... confused.”

I nodded, but couldn’t find any words to drown out my beating heart. Its alarming pace was all I could focus on. It didn’t matter now anyway. He was dead, as I soon would be. I wasn’t scared, as I had accepted my fate. I was going to die because I had trusted him. It was a stupid mistake to come here with him, to come here for him. I had acted rebelliously and would now pay for that mistake with my life.

“Renesmee, it is natural for our kind to feed on humans. Everything strong in this world feeds on the weak. It is your ways which are unnatural.” He was trying to convince me, even now.

“Are we going to kill her?” Felix asked, coldly and impatiently.

Aro clasped his hands together in thought.

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