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Mat's advice has been invaluable in helping me self-publish and sell thousands of comics books. I've made a few mistakes along the way but far fewer than I would have without his words of wisdom. -Shawn Granger, writer of "Familly Bones", "Innocent", "Gene Gardens" and currently working on a Southern Gothic mystery novel.

When it comes to comic marketing, Mat Nastos is my hero. His articles never fail to entertain. Also, I agree with him a lot. That helps. -Shaun McLaughlin, writer/director, former producer at WB Animation.

Whether you publish 100 issues a month or you're just getting started, not having a solid marketing plan for your comic is the #1 reason for series failure. Mat Nastos has compiled nearly 2 decades worth of experience on not just successfully finding readers that will love your comic, but how to keep them coming back for more! -J. Wichmann, writer/artist of "The Thief of Hearts"



Chapter 1 - Comic Book Market Analysis - Why the Hell Aren’t You Already Doing it?

Chapter 2 - What is Your Niche Market?

Chapter 3 - 4 Simplified Steps of Market Research

Chapter 4 - Expose Yourself With Keyword Research

Chapter 5 - The 4 Parts of a Successful Comic Book Marketing Plan

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